H3LIUM is a Web3 native company with the mission of onboarding new builders and companies into the ecosystem to pursue unique fundraising opportunities through creative services and unparalleled industry expertise.

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We make dope shit for people, Projects, and companies who push boundaries & better the ecosystem.


H3LIUM Studio is a full service creative agency with leading industry expertise in all things web3. We provide the highest quality creative offerings through our in-house talent and represented artists.

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Art Creation

Creative Direction
Generative Art
Art Upgrades
3D Art
Pixel Art

Brand Design

Logo & Identity
Brand Guidelines
Social Graphics
Creative Direction
Brand Tone
Brand Positioning

Web Design

Marketing Websites
Mint Site Design
Art Reveals
Landing Pages


GTMS Consulting
Mint Supply
Engagement Strategy
Wen Lambo Solutions
Strategic Escrow
Strategic Partnerships

Our Artists

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We sign, onboard, and support promising artists to help them grow in the ecosystem and create their own brand through management, strategic advisement, creative direction, client negotiations and more.


Illustrator + Generative Artist


Illustrator + 1/1 Artist + Generative Artist


Pixel Artist




1/1 Artist + Generative Artist


Illustrator & Generative Artist


Illustrator, Generative Artist


Illustrator, Tattoo Artist

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Our Ethos

H3LIUM strives to on-board companies and teams to the web3 ecosystem that provide a meaningful benefit or utility to the space by servicing them with high quality content, art, and creative services. We believe in a future of web3 mass adoption, and if we are not actively pursing it, who will?

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Ascended balloons

Ascended Balloons will serve as your utility pass for all things H3LIUM. Everything we do through H3LIUM will be to benefit our original community of supporters. The opportunities and rewards are endless.

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Ascended Utility

Coming very soon to a balloon near you.

Ascended Balloons holders gain access to a bespoke offering of exclusive utility.

Exclusive Airdrops

Get access to premium art NFT airdrops. Whether through clients, collabs or partnerships, you can count on some exclusive items parachuting into your wallet.

Client Mint Access

Through our services, we will have pre-mint clients provide exclusive mint access to Ascended Loons including free mint, pre-sale, and/or WL access allocations.

Powered by $AIR

10% of all client-services will be required to be paid in $AIR. We will also provide service discounts to clients through supporting $AIR with client mints, utility, or ecosystem as a whole.

Client Portfolio Utility

Ascended Loons will have access to any applicable utility from our portfolio projects through H3LIUM Ventures.

Discounted Services

We will provide discounted services to Ascended Loon holders. We believe in uplifting our community and growing from within. If you have a strong project idea, let's get to work.

Future Opportunities

At H3LIUM we believe in being flexible in our growth. These utilities will serve as just the beginning of innovation and bringing value back to our community.